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Understanding Pet Food Labels
Understanding Pet Food Labels
Are you a “label reader”?  Do you spend extra time at the grocery store r...
Top 10 Conditions for Dogs and Cats
Top 10 Conditions for Dogs and Cats
Top 10 Conditions for Dogs and Cats The following data is based on claims submitted by VP...
World Pet Memorial Day
World Pet Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a chance for us to honor our military heroes who have passed.  With s...

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Why can't my dog just eat what we eat?

Why can’t my dog just eat what we eat?  He loves when we have steak! Dogs in the wild would eat primarily meat, but they would also eat the bones of their...

Take your dog to work day is Friday, June 21, 2013.

For many small businesses and those working in the animal health industry, every day is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”  I can say the highlight of my dog...

Escape Artist

I have a small problem.  An adorable, tan, wire-coated one named Allie.  She is a much loved 18 lb terrier mix and I should accept by now it is just in...

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No, reaching the powdered state of cellulose is an intentional process in making pet foods.

Microchips can help reunite lost or injured pets with their owners, even after years!

Increased urination and thirst is called polyuria/polydipsia. It can signal a number of different things.

This Month


September is a busy month for pets!

Some of the national awareness observations in September include:

Catalyst Council's Happy Healthy Cat Month

National Disaster Preparedness Month

National Food Safety Education Month

Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Farmers' Market Month

National Wildlife Day
September 4

National Iguana Awareness Day
September 8

National Elephant Appreciation Day
September 22

National Deaf Dog Awareness Week
September 22-28

Sea Otter Awareness Week
September 22-28

National Teach Ag Day
September 26

World Rabies Day
September 28